Boggle Bash


Boggle Bash, the classic Hasbro word game comes to life with new gameplay twists! The pressure is on as you try to find the most words as the Boggle Bash timer ticks away. Multiple game boards will keep you on your toes as you try to guess which way the Boggle letters are going to fall. Make words by selecting the letters in the Boggle Bash dice tray while at the same time, working with your Boggle Bash teammates to reach team goals. To keep players on their toes with this fun word game, the Panic Flip scrambles the letters in the Boggle Bash dice tray for the last minute of the last round.  

  • Overview
    • Multiple Game Boards: Four Boggle Bash game boards keep you guessing which way the letters will fall.
    • Team Goals: Work with friends and team mates to reach team goals as you play individually.
    • Achievements: In this fun word game, Bash achievements are awarded at the end of each round to ALL players.
    • Panic Flip: A frantic "Panic Moment" shakes up the Boggle Bash board during the last 30 seconds to give you a fresh shot at finding more words!