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Cause of Death for iPhone


Can you stop the killer?

Get the only interactive detective adventure on the App Store that lets YOU solve the crime in a FREE NEW EPISODE EVERY WEEK. But be careful out there. Every choice you make could have deadly consequences.

In Volume One, play as Detective Mal Fallon and Special Agent Natara Williams on the trail of a terrifying killer known as "The Maskmaker." Gather evidence, ask hard questions, and make smart decisions — or else. From the shocking opening, the storyline grips you and doesn't let go. Chapter by chapter the plot unfolds. It's a virtual page turner! But remember, how the case ends depends on the choices YOU make. You'll find out who did it — or you might be done in yourself. Play again and again to see all the twists and turns the investigation can take.

Just like your favorite TV show, "tune in" each week for all-new cases to crack at NO ADDITIONAL COST. Every Friday, we post a new FREE episode that airs for 7 days. The sooner you download the game, the more FREE weeks you'll get. You can also buy never-before-aired storylines ON DEMAND.

EA Mobile
Mobile, iPhone
  • Overview
    • Play as multiple characters, including Detective Mal Fallon and Special Agent Natara Williams, plus forensic specialist, Amy Chen... and the Victim
    • Replay key scenes to get a ranking of Detective and unlock a special bonus scene
    • Solve the mystery on your own or get help from the detectives
    • Download a FREE "Now Airing" episode every week
    • Purchase never-before-storylines On Demand
    • Remember! All choices have consequences!

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