Crazy Taxi for Mobile


Outrageous driving action screeches onto mobile phones in Sega's popular classic arcade racer--Crazy Taxi! Jump in, buckle up, and get ready for one insane cab ride! Select your cabbie and take hold of the wheel as you work to make fat stacks of cash as you tear through busy city streets. Pick up and drop off as many fares as you can-FAST!

Explore the open-world racing environment to find the best routes and shortcuts. In this game, time is money and only the craziest of cabbies earn their fare!

  • Overview
    • Enjoy an open-world racing environment! Explore the city to determine shortcuts and the fastest routes.
    • All the personality of the popular original packed into a mobile phone game
    • Rich 3D graphics and audio recreate the distinctive look and feel of the franchise
    • Choose from 4 unique taxi cabs and drivers
    • Unlockable Crazy Moves and tricks
    • 3 gameplay modes - Arcade, Quick Play and Timed
    • Easy, single-button controls