Defender for Mobile


The definitive '80s arcade game is back! DEFENDER from EA Mobile!

Defend your planet from alien abductors or face swarms of enemies in space if you lose. In Modern Campaign Mode, defend the galaxy with customizable ships and weapons upgrades. Move from rookie to captain as you complete objectives on different planets with missions and mini-bosses on each planet! Or destroy aliens retro-style in Classic and Tournament Modes.

Make your stand on mobile with the arcade classic DEFENDER.

  • Overview
    • Authentic arcade sounds
    • Auto-fire option to easily destroy everything in your path
    • Campaign Mode: Defend the Galaxy with customizable ships and weapons upgrades!
    • Up to 4 Planets with 5 missions and a mini boss on each planet
    • Medals and rankings for objective completion to move from rookie to captain as you save the planets

    *not all features available on all devices