DOOM 2 RPG for Mobile


 Doom's legions are again unleashed. Now, to save humanity, you must go to Hell...

A sci-fi horror masterpiece by id Software, DOOM 2 RPG from EA Mobile is an experience like no other before.

Choose one of three characters (Major, Sarge, Scientist) in a multidimensional storyline... Employ an insane and otherworldly arsenal to annihilate over 40 demonic enemies in a brutal 3D blastfest... Power through 9 levels of adrenaline-pumping mystery and mayhem... all the way to the depths of hell itself!

  • Overview
    • A brutal arsenal of 16 weapons including old favorites like the chainsaw and rocket launcher
    • 9 action packed 3D levels covering the Moon, Earth and Hell itself, filled with dangerous monsters, incredible power-ups, and secret areas to explore
    • Over 8 hours of engaging RPG gameplay
    • A compelling story, scripted sequences, tons of characters, and interactive environments
    • Save game feature allows you to quit at anytime and pick up later where you left off