Mark of the Assassin Trailer
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Mark of the Assassin Trailer

31704 Views Sep 19, 2011
Leave Kirkwall and forge a weapon to defeat an ancient evil Targeted by a vicious criminal cartel that are hunting "the blood of the Hawke", you must put an end to their relentless attacks. Leave Kirkwall, and uncover the secrets of an ancient prison constructed by the Grey Wardens in ages past, now overrun by their foes. Playable from any point in the DAII campaign, face all new darkspawn, craft a powerful new weapon and reveal the harsh truth about your lineage as your journey brings you face to face with an ancient horror.

Comments (6)

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    lol the description is for legacy and is she romancable
    Sep 20, 2011
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      lol yeh I noticed that to.. was reading it and thinking.... what the???
      Oct 10, 2011
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    So this is a very good game but no have an good grafic
    Sep 25, 2011
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    I'm excited! I know DA I and DA II had their differences as far as graphics, fighting style, and interaction. Some hated DA II, but you must take the bad with the good. I'm just thrilled that there is an expansion for DA II and I was totally NOT expecting to see this. This is a very pleasant surprise and I cannot wait to play it!!!
    Oct 4, 2011
    2 Replies
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      i dont know how some could hate DA ll they made the game easier to play and way more fluid by increasing how fast the people attack but i guess those people r crazy best game ive played i just beat it agian for the 4th time lmao
      Jan 22, 2012
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      Hope they do the one about Flemeth & Morrigan,herd rumors of it.I have to cofirme it to see,but i agree 100% this add on made me happy
      Oct 4, 2011
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  4. +1 0
    i love Da so much
    Oct 22, 2011
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  5. +1 0
    i cant freakin wait till d.a.3 comes out.
    Feb 26, 2012
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  6. +1 0
    I think I'm going to download this tonight.
    Mar 2, 2012
    0 Replies
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