Jewel Quest 3 World Adventure


Travel the world, raid ruins, solve perilous puzzles and help daring explorers Rupert & Emma save their daughter's sight in JEWEL QUEST III WORLD ADVENTURE from EA MOBILE.

Tackle 70 jewel boards, 30 puzzles and 12 speed boards. Test your Match-3 skills in Quick Play, Adventure, Puzzle, and Speed modes. Draw on mystical NEW Power Ups to find hidden objects and gems. Help Rupert and Emma unveil the secret of the fabled Golden Jewel Board.

  • Overview
    • Take on over 100 challenges as you tackle 70 Jewel boards and 30 Puzzle boards
    • Test your reaction skills at 12 Speed boards
    • Encounter special jewels like the Curse, white pearl, black pearl, and the timer jewel
    • Expand your board manipulation arsenal with NEW power-ups
    • Enjoy four exciting game modes: Quick Play, Adventure, Puzzle, and Speed