E3 Live Dev Chat Part 2
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E3 Live Dev Chat Part 2

8800 Views Jul 15, 2011

Comments (2)

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    this game will totally destroy any other rpg out there to date including skyrim if it has enough quests to compete with it because the combat is incredible compared to skyrim from the looks of it antways just dont make it to hard to go through different moves the combat system and fate system would be great to see in an mmo game ea has out done itself on this one great job guys
    Nov 14, 2011
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    wow realy nice game play on fighting.... but i was every single game that looks like i want to play wouldent be going the way of the world of warcraft (mage,rogue,shamie,warrior, ECT!!!!!!!) i cant give a total opinion yet because i havent played it but thus far i have it locked in to look for it when it drops. hope to see some new vids out soon
    Nov 24, 2011
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