Mirror’s Edge™ for Windows Phone


There’s no looking back!

 Immerse yourself in the world of Faith Connors – an underground “Runner” who must bolt into action to stop a deadly threat in a “perfect society” full of sinister surveillance and relentless pursuers.

Pound through a stunning cityscape flooded with realistic sounds, a pulsating soundtrack, and dynamic camera angles. Run up walls, slide down ramps, ride zip lines, and hurdle between rooftops as you burn through 14 levels of increasing intensity. Mirror’s Edge is Xbox Live enabled, so gamers can upload their scores to the Xbox Live Leaderboards and challenge their friends. Think fast on your feet, engage in furious hand-to-hand combat, elude your enemies, and push yourself to the very edge. 

  • Overview
    • 14 levels of increasing intensity
    • An enthralling, original storyline in single-player campaign mode
    • Pulse-pounding soundtrack and dynamic camera angles
    • Run, slide, and hurdle between rooftops to elude your enemies.
    • Enabled for X-Box Live leaderboards