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10 Reasons Why | EA SPORTS UFC POSTED BY EA SPORTS Fighting ON Jun 17, 2014

10 Reasons Why You Need EA SPORTS UFC

EA SPORTS UFC is now available in North America! Still need a reason to pick up your copy today? How about 10.

Reason #10 – As Real As It Gets

We didn’t just take it to the next level when it comes to athlete likeness in our game – we set the bar. Fighters in our game were created using high-resolution head scans that didn’t just capture their likeness, but their expressions and emotions too.  If Cain’s “Fight Face” isn’t enough to convince you, follow the link so see what went into our character models.

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Reason #9 – The Fight Night Team

There’s a reason that everyone loved EA SPORTS’ Fight Night series: they were great games built with care by real fight fans. Now, the team that brought you Fight Night has carried their love of fighting over to EA SPORTS UFC to serve up more of the same fluid combat fans have come to expect, with the very welcome additions of kicks, elbows, takedowns and submissions.

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Reason #8 – Roll as Royce Gracie

Whether you remember watching Royce Gracie tap out giants on a low-quality VHS in your parents’ basement, or you discovered his early UFC exploits on Youtube, you’ll now get the chance to roll as the legend himself. Choking your opponents unconscious has never been so satisfying.

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Reason #7 – Motivational Speaking

EA SPORTS UFC boasts an unprecedented level of integration with UFC personalities, as fighters and trainers give you encouragement and tips through video messages to help you reach your potential. The best video? Just try skipping the game’s tutorial mode to head into the Octagon with no training, and watch Dana White shame you harder than a TUF contestant that didn’t make weight.

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Reason #6 – Our CEO Loves Jiu-Jitsu

Any BJJ fans out there hoping to see a solid ground game in EA SPORTS UFC can take comfort in the fact that our CEO Andrew Wilson is an avid and long-time practitioner of Jiu-Jitsu. We took extra motivation from the fact that he could tap the majority of us out at will.

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Reason #5 – The Next Generation of Sports

The fastest growing sport on the planet is now also the first sports game to truly be built from the ground up on Gen 4 consoles. Before you can break a tackle, throw a check or make a diving catch on Gen 4, you’ll be able to go toe-to-toe with some of the most finely tuned athletes on the planet inside the EA SPORTS UFC Octagon.

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Reason #4 – The Ultimate Fighter

For the first time ever in a UFC video game your road to the title starts on The Ultimate Fighter. Before you can make a run at the belt you first need to win your way onto the show, sharpen your skill in the famous TUF gym and dominate the tournament to win yourself a UFC contract and the title of The Ultimate Fighter.

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Reason #3 – Ever-Evolving Roster

With the goal of keeping EA SPORTS UFC current, players will receive free roster updates, which includes the addition of new fighters to the roster. That means new and up-and-coming fighters can become part of the game, keeping the game completely connected to the sport. Stay tuned for the date of our first roster update.

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Reason #2 – Enter as the Dragon

Yup. We’ve got Bruce Lee. EA SPORTS UFC is proud to present you with the chance to take control of The Dragon himself and test your skills against today’s top fighters.  Available for purchase or unlockable within the game, in EA SPORTS UFC everyone can be Bruce Lee.

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Reason #1 – Bragging Rights

At the end of the day there’s nothing better than absolutely owning your friends in EA SPORTS UFC. Settle scores, hold tournaments and practice ‘til your thumbs fall off to secure those bragging rights as the best of the best. Tired of beating your friends? Jump online, test yourself against fighters around the world, move up the ranks and see if you have what it takes to become the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet.

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EA SPORTS UFC is now in stores, buy your copy today. 

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