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EA Image OTH Crusader.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Oct 28, 2014

Crusader: No Remorse is On the House

The PC adventure shooter Crusader: No Remorse is now available with Origin On the House.

Crusader tells the story of the Silencer, an elite soldier for the World Economic Consortium in the year 2196. When a routine mission results in the deaths of his entire team, he must take his revenge upon the organization who betrayed them: the WEC itself. The combat and exploration of Crusader has influenced game development for years and the game remains a classic to this day.
Never played Crusader: No Remorse? Now is the perfect time to experience it for yourself with Origin On the House.
To claim the game, log in to Origin, head to the On the House page, and download it to your “My Games” library. You’ll be able to play it whenever you want. 
Want more games? Check back often for new titles available on Origin Game Time and On the House.

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    Still stuck on Bejeweled..... Every time I open On The House in the Origin app, it still shows Bejeweled 3, never got Dragon Age and Crusaders there, and it's the 4th of December. Bejeweled was supposed to be off of Origin on the 28th of October.
    Dec 4, 2014
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