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POSTED BY EA Staff ON Aug 25, 2011

Crush Your Rivals' Will with Madden NFL 12 Smack Shack

It's nearly Madden Day and smack talking is on the rise. To help you perfect the art of trash talk and crank up the tension between you and your rival, Madden NFL 12 is pleased to present their easy to use Smack Shack Facebook app. This handy tool allows you to get inside your rival's head and crush their will, helping secure your road to victory.

The Madden NFL 12 Smack Shack step-by-step process is your ticket to supreme trash talk. To start, send a video of an NFL powerhouse staring down your rival in your name. Follow that up with a comment about your relationship with their mom, or even set a fake relationship status to let them know how much you own.

To see just how deep some rivalries can run, and how close to home they can hit, check out the trailer below.

So who's the better Madden player? Let 'em know with Madden NFL 12 Smack Shack, and get ready to back up your words when Madden NFL 12 releases on August 30th. Pre-order your copy on Origin today!