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Executive Vice President, EA Mobile

POSTED BY Frank Gibeau ON Aug 12, 2011

Gibeau: Dragon Age Is A Great Fit For Google +

As part of our continued push to offer EA’s best franchises on digital platforms; yesterday we announced Dragon Age Legends for Google +. Dragon Age is one of the most popular RPG franchises in our industry and is supported by a large enthusiastic fan base which makes it a great fit for Google+. The game introduces players to the world of Dragon Age with its rich storyline and deep gameplay on an easily accessible platform. On Google+, Dragon Age Legends takes advantage of the social experience inherent in the platform,enabling gamers to play and connect with friends like never before. By blending tactical combat, character progression and exploration, Dragon Age Legends is perfect for co-operative quests with friends or competitive gameplay across players’ Google + Circles and Hangouts.

We’re excited to have Dragon Age Legends included as part of the Google+ gaming launch slate and to add this new social project into our growing family of digital titles. There are millions of users already engaged in this new social project. This a really exciting time to be a gamer, so check it out. For more information on Dragon Age Legends, and to play the game, visit