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POSTED BY jgreen ON Dec 14, 2009

Dragon Age: Origins Coming to the Mac Dec 21

If one were to make a Venn diagram of Mac owners and people who like to slay dragons, one might find a reasonably large cross-section of the two.  This is why it was such a tragedy that Bioware's awesomelicious Dragon Age: Origins was not available to Macintosh owners upon its original release.  I mean, yeah, it's kind of par for the course for Mac gamers, but still.

Anyway, I'm here to report that that long national nightmare is over, as BioWare and TransGaming announced today that Dragon Age: Origins is going to be available for the Mac as a digital download on December 21, which is just seven measly days away!

Mac gamers can download either the Standard or Digital Deluxe versions. The latter includes wallpaper, in-game bonus items, the game's soundtrack, and the Warden's Keep DLC, which, if you don't buy now, is going to be constantly annoying every time you see the stupid exclamation point over that one NPC's head. Trust me. In addition, both Mac versions include, at no additional cost, the Stone Prisoner DLC and Blood Dragon armor.  And guess what? That Blood Dragon armor can be used later in Mass Effect 2!  Those crazy BioWare guys! They think of everything!

Check the preorder page for more information on where to download Dragon Age: Origins for the Mac. And for more details, please see the Official Press Release.

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