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ea-press-conference.jpg POSTED BY Andy Katkin ON Jun 6, 2011

E3 2011 Press Conference Live Blog

If you missed EA's E3 press conference today, don't worry, we've got you covered. We live blogged the entire event so you can know exactly what happened. A video of the press conference will be posted later this afternoon.


12:10  The press conference is starting in about 20 minutes. 
12:11  Press is filing in. 
12:11  It's being held at the beautiful Orpheum theater in downtown LA. 
12:13  The theater is really filling up. 
12:14  We'll be taking photos of the event as well, so look forward to those directly after the conference. 
12:15  Check out our facebook and twitter, too. We'll have E3 coverage there as well. 
12:16  We just got our 15 minute reminder. Not too long now. 
12:21  The theater is truly beautiful. There's detail on the balconies and the seating is comfortable too. 
12:24  Only a few more minutes. 
12:26  A few people are still coming in. 
12:29  The few minute warning just came over the speakers. 
12:31  Playing some Blur on the speakers before the show starts. 
12:31  And we're starting 
12:31  The conference starts with video feed from "news sites." There's live coverage of an attack against Earth. 
12:31  The various channel feeds become just one, ANN Live. The battle for Earth has begun. 
12:31  Proximity warnings on screen. 
12:32  Mass Effect 3 
12:32  Casey Hudson is on stage taking about the features of Mass Effect 3. 
12:32  It is a full-scale galactic war and players are in the middle of the fight for Earth's survival. 
12:33  The images of Shepard are crystal clear. 
12:33  Hudson cues the live demo. 
12:33  Shepard's at a Reaper base. 
12:33  Male Shepard is calling in heavy firepower and the sky is fading into twilight. 
12:33  You see him use the Omi-Blade. 
12:33  The Normandy is flying overhead and combat turns to Shepard versus a Reaper. 
12:34  Love that N7 gear. 
12:34  Got a shot of Shepard's support. 
12:35  More enemies drop in on Shepard, and then you hear the Reaper. 
12:35  The Reaper base is actually a live Reaper. 
12:35  The fight continues and you can feel the intense tension as the Reaper closes in. 
12:36  Shepard is firing at it from a mobile turret, his crew giving him support. 
12:36  The demo ends and Hudson continues to describe the different moments players will experience: emotional impact with action. 
12:36  The release date is revealed 03/06/12 
12:36  For more on Mass Effect 3, head to 
12:37  Now playing the first gameplay trailer. 
12:37  The Reapers are on Earth and the war is in full force. As Shepard, you decide how it ends. 
12:37  The fate of the Earth and all worlds after that, rests in Shepard's hands. 
12:37  The trailer displays various class powers, weapons, and allies. 
12:38  The Omni-Blade is shown and Shepard uses it against an enemy. 
12:38  John Riccitiello, CEO of EA is reviewing the concept of the conference. 
12:39  Next up is Need For Speed: The Run 
12:39  Jason DeLong is on stage. 
12:39  Need For Speed: The Run has you racing across the country. 
12:40  Battle drives from SF to NYC. 
12:40  The opposition will do anything they can to stop you. 
12:40  Autolog has revolutionized how people compete and is now in the game's story. 
12:40  Every race in your career counts and is track in Autolog. 
12:40  There's action out of the car. 
12:40  They use the Frostbite 2 engine. 
12:41  And here is a live demo to show us gameplay in and out of your ride. 
12:41  The demo starts with you jumping right into a race. 
12:41  The city of Chicago at night comes alive. 
12:41  Turning through the streets now. 
12:42  You got into a crash and are now on the run. 
12:42  Climbing to rooftops and leaping off buildings, you pass a helicopter. 
12:42  The helicopter now joins the chase. 
12:42  You work your way back to the ground and the police are on your tail. 
12:43  You confront them and engage in a context sensitive fight. 
12:43  You take out the cops and hop in their car. The chase continues. 
12:43  You're flying down the streets of the city. The cops hot behind you. 
12:44  They are firing heavy. 
12:44  There's only .8 more miles until you're out of the city. 
12:44  .4 miles 
12:44  A tanker explodes in front of you. 
12:44  The chase ends with a crash. 
12:45  You wake up stuck in the car, and discover you're on train tracks. 
12:45  You work desperately to get out of the car and make in just in time. 
12:45  The live demo ends. 
12:45  Star Wars music! 
12:45  BioWare takes the stage. 
12:46  Dr. Greg Zeschuck talks about the company's games. 
12:46  Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is in another class. It's huge. 
12:46  It's a project with a large team of talent. 
12:47  BioWare is making a world of dreams, emotion, and characters. It's bigger than anything they've done before. 
12:47  They're going to show raids, boss battles, landscapes, and more. 
12:47  The demo begins. 
12:47  *trailer begins 
12:48  It starts with beautiful landscape shots. 
12:48  The Sith appear with their ships and action begins. 
12:48  The Empire attacks without mercy. 
12:48  It's fast combat on a small scale, and now an epic scale. 
12:48  Massive fights on different worlds. 
12:49  Ships are crashing, you see the force being used, cities crumble, it's intense. 
12:49  All the while, there are voiceovers of both Sith and Jedi saying that they will take the day. 
12:49  There are grand scale battles with countless races, classes, and allegiances. It's truly a Star Wars universe. 
12:50  It's smooth too. 
12:50  The trailer for Knights of the Old Republic ends and fog pours out of the balconies. 
12:50  There's another video on screen with images of snowcapped mountains. 
12:50  There's a crashed plane. 
12:51  Snowboarders come into view doing tricks off the plane. 
12:51  The camera zooms out to show locations on the globe. 
12:51  Then travels to show snowboarding destinations. 
12:51  It's global. 
12:52  They out run natural disasters. Leap off cliffs. Fly through the air. 
12:52  The release date is 01/2012 
12:52  Peter Moore of EA SPORTS is now on stage. 
12:53  He's talking about the revival of SSX and satellite data used to scan the globe and gain amazing detail. 
12:53  There are three gameplay experiences. 
12:53  Race It, Trick It, and Survival. 
12:53  Moore mentions the characters. Go to for more info on those guys. 
12:54  There will be a new character of the SSX facebook page by the end of E3. 
12:54  *on the SSX facebook page. 
12:54  Moore moves onto FIFA, it's the most critically acclaimed game of this generation of consoles. 
12:54  51 awards, 1.3 Billion online games, and 42 million players. 
12:55  Matt Bilbey for EA SPORTS is now on stage. 
12:55  Bilbey says FIFA 12 the most authentic FIFA ever and begins going over the gameplay features. 
12:55  New tactical defending and positioning is more important. 
12:55  New precision dribbling as well. More control of the pace of the game. 
12:56  The Player Impact Engine is introduces as well. It gives players real world physicality on the pitch. 
12:56  A trailer is now played with various celebrities and soccer pros talking about their love of FIFA. 
12:57  In the trailer it is said FIFA helps players improve their real world gameplay. 
12:57  It helps you see various skills and techniques that you can bring to your own pitch. 
12:57  The trailer gives the game a sense of community with everyone playing. 
12:58  Lil Wayne and Drake are just a few celebs shown in the trailer. 
12:58  Bilbey introduces the EA SPORTS Football Club. 
12:59  It's four big things. A heartbeat of the game. 
12:59  The site has challenges and storylines taken right from the past week of play. 
12:59  It's social. Fans can connect and compete. 
12:59  It deepens a connection to your favorite club. 
12:59  It's free. 
1:00  In the Football Club you choose your club team and everything you do earns XP. 
1:00  You can see your progress on the Leaderboards as well as your friends' progress. 
1:00  They show a sample challenge. 
1:00  If everyone who chooses to play as your club does well, the team gets pushed up to the top of the overall rankings. 
1:01  Bilbey says to look out for more info later this year. Check out for more details. 
1:01  Madden 12 is up next with a trailer. 
1:01  The trailer features Lombardi talking over various gameplay. 
1:02  You hear the cheers and you see the impacts. 
1:02  There's a shot with teams playing on a snowy field and you feel the game coming alive. 
1:02  True to Victory, True to the Game. 
1:03  They have football players appearing on stage. 
1:03  Ravens' Ray Lewis 
1:03  Browns' Peyton Hillis 
1:03  Packers' Clay Mathews 
1:04  With the Super Bowl trophy. 
1:04  They're talking about the emotion of the sports. 
1:04  They are huge in real life! 
1:05  Talks about improved defense AI with Ray Lewis. 
1:05  Talks about dynamic player performance with Peyton Hillis. 
1:05  Talks about improved Dynasty mode with Clay Mathews. 
1:06  Build by the fans, for the fans. 
1:06  Look for it 08/30/11. 
1:07  John Riccitiello is back and is talking about the connection focus for EA games. 
1:07  He's talking about The Sims Social (just announced) for facebook. 
1:07  It's a game for people who are tired of farming on facebook. 
1:07  You play with your friends and play with life. 
1:08  There's a trailer for the game. 
1:08  It shows how you can have your facebook world become your Sim's world. 
1:08  Interact with your friends and others more deeply with The Sims Social. 
1:09  Check out for more. 
1:09  Next are two new games with EA partners. 
1:09  Highlights Respawn and Insomniac. 
1:09  Boston Red Sox fans unite! 
1:10  Respawn studios is up first. Curt Schilling is on stage as founder of 38 studios. 
1:10  Schilling is talking about their game, Reckoning. 
1:11  38 studios* not Respawn. 
1:11  You're in an epic war within a huge open world. 
1:11  It's filled with wonder, magic, and danger. 
1:11  Ken Rolston, Todd McFarlane, and R.A. Salvatore are all involved with the game. 
1:11  They are showing a trailer now. 
1:11  It's a large world with mythical creatures. 
1:12  There is combat between armored knights, displays of magic spells, hand combat, and there is a large variety of weapons, armor, and combat styles. 
1:12  Insomniac is up next. 
1:12  Ted Price, founder and CEO of Insomniac speaks about a new multi platform franchise. 
1:13  Overstrike is the title. 
1:13  Overstrike is set in the near future and focuses on four members of a covert organization called Overstrike 9. 
1:13  The members are diverse, two males and two females. 
1:14  They're the black sheep of the organization. 
1:14  They are showing the trailer now. 
1:14  One of the members in talking in a high-tech office to a faceless voice. 
1:14  He is asked to describe himself and gameplay of him follows. 
1:15  He speaks about the other team members and gameplay for each person is shown. 
1:16  The team is shown fighting a robot/human. 
1:16  They're using high-tech weapons and comedy is throughout. 
1:16  A new trailer is up, it's Battlefield 3! 
1:17  It has small pieces of combat shown through what looks like security cameras and various CCTVs. 
1:17  There's some sort of night vision as well. 
1:17  Karl Magnus Troedsson, GM for Battlefield 3 is on stage to talk about the game. 
1:18  He shares a video of their engine, Frostbite 2. 
1:18  There are samples of animation, destruction, scale, rendering, and audio. 
1:18  The animation test is impressive. Smooth movements. 
1:18  Destruction is next. Who doesn't love those massive falling buildings. 
1:19  Then it's scale and rendering. 
1:19  And finally audio, which is strongly felt here in the theater. 
1:19  The game comes alive with the sights, sounds, and immersion. 
1:19  They begin a video of multiplayer. 
1:19  The map is in the center of Paris. 
1:20  There is massive scale fighting on subways. 
1:20  There are collapsing buildings, melee, armored vehicles, and more. 
1:20  Troedsson announces Battle Log, where gamers can connect, communicate, have real-time stats, and more. 
1:20  It's all for free. 
1:21  The multiplayer open beta is 09/11. 
1:21  See the multiplayer trailer on 
1:21  They are now going to show a live demo of battle in the Tehran desert. 
1:22  There is air support flying overhead as you head into battle in tanks. 
1:22  It's Halloween 2014. 
1:22  The music is pulsing and powerful. 
1:22  There's smoke plumes in the distance. 
1:22  There's communication between the tanks. 
1:23  You slip in and take control of the tank. 
1:23  There's AAs firing in the distance. 
1:23  Incoming fire, and you start attacking enemy tanks. 
1:24  They're closing in as you fire. 
1:24  More incoming fire after the first wave is destroyed. 
1:25  You switch to thermal camera and hunt down the remaining enemies. 
1:25  You return to your standard camera. 
1:25  There's an objective marker in the distance and more incoming fire. 
1:25  You are forced to stop. 
1:26  You switch to a video link and you see a view of the area. 
1:26  You mark the enemy's main base for an airstrike. 
1:27  You see allies fall under fire as you continue toward the next objective. 
1:27  You see air support firing and launch an all out attack on the enemy base. 
1:28  You continue with the attack. 
1:28  The base is barren, fires littering the ground. 
1:28  You shoot down all enemies in sight. 
1:29  As you move out of the base you see a wall of fire and destruction. 
1:30  The live demo ends. 
1:30  The release is 10/25/11 
1:30  John Riccitiello is back to wrap up. 
1:30  Thanks for joining us and look forward to more content here at 

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