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Pride_Bannergeneral.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Jul 7, 2014

EA at Madrid Pride 2014

We were thrilled to be a part of Madrid Pride 2014, one of the biggest Pride parades in the world!

Over a hundred EA staffers joined nearly two million in attendance for Madrid Pride last weekend,   walking the route through the center of the city. Madrid will also be holding World Pride in 2017.

Relive Madrid Pride 2014 and read our recap below!


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    I was a big EA fan for many years, I'm also a PC technitian that many people depend on for advice, i used to recomend EA game, but you have zero help for problems, i think you have lost many customers today, unless you can offer support that is excessable & works, i can only advise not buying EA games... Blizzard bends over backwards to help customers, i reccomend you do the same... your games are good, but without reliable support, i cannot advise your products... please improve your support (esspecially phone support) i would love to endorse your products again.
    Jul 7, 2014
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