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EA Flash Deals POSTED BY Nemanja Trapara ON Dec 17, 2010

EA Flash Deals | up to 50% OFF

Does up to 50% off on the hottest EA titles sound like a good deal? We think so!

EA Flash Deals is a new promotion which unlocks temporary deals on a specific EA title. Each deal is unlocked by a real life event and you get to participate! Past deals have included 50% off NBA JAM, triggered by the start of the Heat vs. Hornets game on December 13th, and 50% off NCAA Football 11, triggered by Cam Newton winning the Heisman trophy.

What will unlock te next deal? You could get to decide! To participate go to the EA Flash Deals Facebook page.

  • FIFA 11 FIFA 11

    Visit the official FIFA 11 website to learn more about the game.