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Dream-Employers-Banner.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Dec 6, 2013

EA Named “Dream Employer” in British Columbia

In a recent survey conducted by Insights West in partnership with the Miles Employment Group and Business in Vancouver, Electronic Arts was named by British Columbians as a "Dream Employer". Employed British Columbians were asked to think of as many as three organizations they would consider as a top employer. After the results were tabulated, ten private organizations made the list, including EA.

The number one factor for participants in considering a company a “Dream Employer” was work-life balance along with compensation. Other factors that rated highly in the survey included career development, benefits, culture, opportunities for advancement and flexible hours. Learn more about the survey here.

Interested in a career in the videogame industry? Check out for more information about what it's like make our games!

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    Whens the Christmas update coming out for tapped out
    Dec 6, 2013
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    It's pathetic that EA is attempting to post this nonsense about how good of a company they are. Why don't you post the other 1,000 articles concerning EA and it's back-to-back U.S. worst company championships? EA is doing everything they can to make a quick buck, and I for one cannot wait until this ****-storm comes full circle, and this soulless company is put out of business. I love that DICE is trying to talk to the public about BF4, while EA sits back in silence and lets DICE take the blame.
    Dec 9, 2013
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      Yeah, let's clear up a couple of things here, since you seem to be incapable of understanding anything outside of your tightly woven little skewed world view: 1. Those "voted worst company championships", yeah that was an internet poll put up by the Consumerist, with no influence at all by investors, or industry insiders, and reflect absolutely nothing about the company, how it is operating, or how it treats its employees. (Just to point out how flawed these polls are, Electronic Arts "won" out over one of the key companies responsible for the worst economic collapse in American history since the Great Depression because of a flawed game launch, which was subsequently fixed within a couple of weeks. Yeah, that's a good stick to measure against.) 2. DICE ~is~ EA, and has been since 2004. When the head of DICE speaks to the public regarding the issues with BF4, that ~IS~ EA talking to you. So you would like to see EA go out of business? Well there goes all of its internal studios, including DICE and Bioware, and the thousands of people that are employed nationally, just because you have some bizarre disconnect in your head about how your life is impacted by your digital entertainment. You exemplify pretty much everything that is wrong with the gamer community in a nice neat little package.
      Dec 10, 2013
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