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01_EAS_E3_Assets_120515_EASports-21.jpg POSTED BY Andrea Silvers ON May 28, 2012

EA SPORTS E3 Viewing Guide

E3 is a magical time of year when fans get a glimpse into the future of gaming. We here at EA SPORTS love it because it gives us a chance to show off all the new innovations we’re making in our games.

To help you plan your E3 information consumption we’ve put together a viewing schedule so you know when to hit the site and when you can squeeze in a nap.

Madden NFL Football

Madden is finishing out their Audio Playbook reveal this week before they come out with guns blazing next week at E3. But that will change once it hits 2PM PST on June 4th. Madden will be revealing three more Playbooks, Gameplay Part 2, Connected Careers and Madden Social. We’ll have videos, producer interviews and blogs from the dev team to fill you in on everything you need to know, but also be on the lookout for our Madden Playbook Webcast at 3PM PST. We’ll bring you Madden updates from the show floor all week as well provide in-depth coverage of the Playbooks.


FIFA’s going to be throwing some teasers your way this week so check the site to get a sneak peek. If you want to get a good look at what FIFA 13 is shaping up to look like we recommend you check back here on June 4th as well. On June 6th they’re doing a special FUTcast with John Rutter, and at noon on June 7th you can catch up on FIFA PC news with a Webcast. And don’t forget your regularly scheduled FIFA podcast on Friday.

NCAA Football

NCAA thought they’d jump the gun a little bit and give you a taste of what they’re bringing to the table a week early. In addition to revealing their Heisman Playbook on Wednesday May 29th, they’re also hosting a Heisman Webcast the same day. There may also be another big announcement in the works that we’re not at liberty to discuss yet...but if we were you we would probably be checking the site regularly for some big NCAA news.


E3 shmee3 says NHL. The finals of the NHL Cover Vote start Tuesday May 29th with the last two players battling it out for your vote. True Performance Skating and Hockey IQ are going to the topics to talk about, with coverage between now and the end of the next week including interviews with the dev teams, blogs, videos and live coverage from the E3 showroom floor.


While this game is pretty hush hush on our end, we can tell you it will be at E3 and a few of our top community members are going to get first crack at seeing it. Check back at noon on Tuesday June 5th for their first impressions.

We’ll also be streaming the EA SPORTS press conference at 1PM on June 4th so you can get all the big news first. Keep checking here for updated schedules.