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ea-logo-blue-723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Sep 28, 2012

EA’s Bay Area Shuttle Increases Ridership

For anyone out there who commutes to work in the Bay Area along the 101, you are sure to spot company shuttles from EA, Google, Yahoo, Apple, Facebook, eBay and others  along the freeway shuttling workers to and fro. A San Francisco design firm Stamen looked into a few of the popular shuttle routes and put together a cool visualization of the different shuttle routes that go through San Francisco, including our own. It’s estimated that 14,000 people take these shuttles every day in the Bay Area, helping San Francisco professionals get to desired job locations. Check it out on AllThingsD.

EA employee Ryan Gormley rides the shuttle regularly and said it is “a completely under-rated perk! Outside the Bay Area this concept of our employer providing free transportation to and from the Caltrain and San Francisco is foreign to others. It’s definitely an essential incentive in attracting talent from the Bay Area. I haven’t even bothered purchasing a car due to the fact this service is being offered.”

"For someone who lives at the most northern point of San Francisco, the shuttle has been a tremendous gas saver," said Mike Linn, EA. "It also gives me a chance to socialize with other EA employees that I would otherwise not meet in my normal day-to-day work, and if needed, I can catch an extra hour of sleep."

EA started offering the shuttle service to and from our headquarters to two routes in San Francisco last year after high demand from employees looking for an easier way to get to work and avoid the traffic. As you can see from the map, we go through two main sections of the city to accomodate the widest base of employees. We also run shuttles to two Caltrain stations for our employees that live up and down the Peninsula. These Caltrain shuttles are open to anyone in the Redwood Shores community, so any local employee, EA or not, can hop on for free rides to Caltrain on us! They're all equipped with WiFi so our employees can stay connected on the road.

“Offering an employee shuttle service is not only good for the environment, but another way for us to retain great talent by offering an easy and cost-effective way for our employees to get to work,” said Curt Wilhelm, Vice President of Corporate Services and Facilities, EA. “We’re proud to be amongst other cutting-edge Silicon Valley employers to offer this benefit to our workforce.”

Our shuttles are decked out with our characters so they can be tough to miss!


Image via Stamen, more info available here:

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