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EA Talent Scout POSTED BY EA SPORTS Football World ON Mar 15, 2012

EA SPORTS | Football Talent Scout

The EA Talent Scout campaign is back! Do you live and breathe football, have an encyclopedic interest in your favourite team and the patience and dedication for data entry? If the answer is: yes, yes and YES – then we want you for our FIFA video game series!

I'm done reading - sign me up!

We’ve got close to 3000 active members in our data collection community and when we reach out to users in our forums asking them to apply – and we do - it’s always had a good response. And why wouldn’t it? This is your chance to provide your own unique take on all the data on your club and help EA tweak the attributes, ratings and formations of your favourite players and teams so that it’s as close a reflection of the beautiful game as possible. So, what kind of roles are available?

Data Reviewers: Rich with football knowledge but time-poor? This is the (voluntary) role for you. We’ll ask you to take a look at the data for the clubs that you know inside out and give us your feedback. If Data Reviewers do well they can be offered a contract and promotion to become Data Editors. It’s a good role to understand the database and get a feel about if you want to try for one of the paid-for position.

Data Editors: A really important role. It’s another contract position and you end up in the credits. Data Editors research and edit teams and players within our massive database, so this covers team formation, style settings, player attributes and much more.

Reference Collector: Collecting and providing reference pictures of kits – the four S’s: Shirts, Socks, Shorts and Sponsors. Another contract role with a call-out in the game credits.

Applying couldn’t be easier: for Data Reviewers we want you to fill in a quick online form, for the rest we’ll ask you to complete a simple straight forward test.

For all these roles we’re looking for hardcore football fans. Yes, you are a massive FIFA fan, but you’ll also know your every detail about your team’s entire squad, be aware of the up-and-coming youngsters and analyse the manager’s tactics after every game. And, to be honest, you’ve got to have the time, patience and inclination to work with and input data..

If you’re nodding along at this point, hairs standing up on the back of your neck, then you’re exactly who we want to join our database community. So apply through the Talent Scout website, and help us spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.

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