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podcasts-marquee_03a.jpg POSTED BY Lee Smith ON Apr 8, 2011

FIFA 11 Podcast | 08 April 2011

Will Fernando Torres score for Chelsea this season? That's the hot topic under discussion in this week's Big Shout. Stevie and Rom also kick off the FIFA Talent Scout campaign offering you the chance to work with EA and give us a run-down of how you like to celebrate after scoring a goal.

All that plus more in the FIFA 11 podcast. If you like what you hear remember to give us a rating and leave a comment.

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    you guys should take easy on making chealse soo strong ... is annoying . plus messi never gets pushed soo easily off the cant push anyone from behind cause its a foul .we need to make the reffs better . thats all im asking for . barca players can protect the ball .. but whats the used when chealse players are soo dumb strong pushing 1 from behind .
    Jun 6, 2011
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