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POSTED BY EA Staff ON Sep 13, 2011

FIFA Soccer 12 Demo Out Today

AC Milan, Arsenal, Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund, Marseille, and Manchester City: what team are you taking to the pitch today? That's right! The FIFA Soccer 12 demo is out now for Xbox 360 and PC, with the PS3 demo going live a little later today or tomorrow (depending on where you're located). With six top teams from leagues across Europe on display, you'll have some of the best players in the world at your disposal as you test out FIFA Soccer 12's new features. Check on the North America demo release times for specific console release information.

Get ready for some hands-on with the new Precision Dribbling, which gives more realistic touches on the ball and allows for some very tricky footwork. The AI infused with Pro Player Intelligence will keep you on your toes, as smarter, better AI work to bring you down. And let's not forget the impressive display of hard hits, clean (and not-so-clean) tackles, and general field interaction the new Player Impact Engine brings into the game.

So, what features are you looking forward to testing out the most? And for those who have already got their hands on the demo, what do you think? Add your thoughts below or head to the FIFA Soccer 12 forum to join the discussion.

After you've gotten a taste of all that FIFA Soccer 12 has to offer, take a break from the pitch to pre-order your copy of the full game on Origin.

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    do you have to use the Tactical Defending online? PLEASE REPLY
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