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120410-eas-news-interviews.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON Apr 10, 2012

FIFA Street Jayzinho Interview

Jayzinho is one of the many talented street footballers EA recruited to be part of FIFA Street. Jayzinho did motion capture for the game and is one of the authentic street footballers in Street. Here is what he had to say about his experience working on FIFA Street and having a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet Leo Messi as part of our Street vs. Street competition?

How was your experience working with EA?

I’ve been playing FIFA and FIFA Street since I was a boy and for EA to ask me to be part of this project was a huge honour. EA SPORTS invited me to Vancouver where I put on the mocap suit to record my movements.  Being able to share my street soccer moves with the world is an amazing feeling. I truly feel honoured to have the opportunity to be doing motion capture for this amazing game.

What do you think about Messi joining EA?

Messi is the perfect athlete to represent the face of FIFA. You have the best footballer representing the best football game. Meeting Messi was a moment that I will never forget, it was very special. Having a footballer like Messi checking out my street skills was incredible and for him to tell me he was impressed was something that touched my heart, I will always remember it.

What is your favorite street football trick?

What is my favorite street move? To be honest I don’t have a single favourite move, I love them all! As long as the move allows me to beat an opponent one-on-one, that’s all that matters. All the moves are unique in their own way, it’s just a matter of how you combine you’re tricks and your own style which will determine your success at street football.

Where are you from?

I’m from Toronto, Canada. My favourite thing about Toronto is the culture. The people are good hearted, humble and caring. Toronto had a huge influence on my style of play because there are a lot of people from all over the world like South Americans, Europeans, Africans and people from the Caribbean. I learned a lot from playing with people from different parts of the world and I think it made me the street footballer I am today.

What is your message to EA SPORTS FIFA fans?

The message I want to send to street footballers and EA SPORTS fans around the world is that this is the most realistic and most authentic street football game ever made. Get your copy - believe me you will not regret it. I also want to tell fans to always follow your dreams. I used to play football games and now I’m actually in the game. Never give up on your dreams.

Is it true you recorded a music video?

I recently filmed a music video for the official soundtrack of FIFA Street called “Let’s Go” with a band called Drop the Lime. It’s an amazing track with an incredible band. We filmed the video in New York and it is very street and very urban. It looks amazing, so keep an eye out for that!

How can fans connect with you?

To all my fans who want to stay closer to me make sure to follow me on twitter @jayzinho10 and also don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel J10Futbol.