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FIFA 11 Ultimate Team | New Features POSTED BY Nemanja Trapara ON Jan 31, 2011

FIFA 11 Ultimate Team | New Features Update

EA SPORTS has announced a major update for FIFA 11 Ultimate Team. It includes the addition of 2 new features, Play A Friend Challenge and Friends Leaderboards. Play A Friend Challenge allows you to play against your friend's squad even when they are not online while Friends Leaderboards lets you compare your progress against your friends. The update will also include over 50 improvements to the existing game with the most important ones listed below. The update will be available February 17th on both PS3 and Xbox 360.



  • ·         Improved Menu Navigation Hierarchy   
  • ·         Fixed some Tournament Progression Bugs
  • ·         Red indications for players who are unhappy with formation or position               
  • ·         Latency Indicator now appears correctly in all online match types
  • ·         Quick Navigation Manager changes on the Squads Screen           
  • ·         Various Stability issues
  • ·         Quick Navigation Formation changes on the Squads Screen        
  • ·         Fixed missing Sound effects in a number of places
  • ·         Better Layout for apply items panels      
  • ·         Fixed Online Match option to Power passing assistance always off.
  • ·         Club Record and Trophies now visible in the Squad Stats screen
  • .         Fixed problem with refreshing friends list too fast on large friends lists
  • ·         Online Play a friend matches are now called Invite Matches        
  • ·         Fixed the Player photos for 5 players
  • ·         New the animation on the subs reserve bench in the squads screen      
  • ·         Made the purchase prices more clearly Coins or Currency in the store   
  • ·         Scroll speed improvements on Auction Pricing  
  • ·         New minimum bid increase value on auctions as the price gets higher   
  • ·         Item help Descriptions now on the apply item screen    
  • ·         Apply items only shows items that can be applied to the specific player
  • ·         Auctions that have expired that are not won now fade out to grey in the Auction house               
  • ·         Relist auctions remembers the last price you listed the item at.
  • ·         Auction Searching now remembers your last Search for the duration of your session      
  • ·         Player items bio screen displays the Price you paid to buy an item           
  • ·         Ensure that new items always indicates what you can do with an item.  
  • ·         2 new tutorials

For more information on the new features please visit

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