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NCAAFB13 SCRN Kansas v. Baylor2.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON Jun 5, 2012

How To Download the Demo

With the NCAA Football 13 demo available to download now, it’s time to get your hands on this year’s game, check out all of the new gameplay improvements, and unlock your 5 Nike Pro Combat Uniforms as well as your three Heisman Challenge Athletes. If you’ve never downloaded a demo before, here’s what you need to do:

Xbox Live Demo Download Steps

1.       From Xbox Home go to the Games section

2.       Select Games Marketplace

3.       Go to the Demos section and select New Releases

4.       Select the NCAA Football 13 Demo

5.       Select Free Download

6.       Select Confirm Download

Visit the Xbox 360 Marketplace


PlayStation® Store Demo Download Steps

1.       On the Cross Menu Bar (XMB) of the PlayStation go to PlayStation Store icon under the account menu option (the second column from the right).

2.       Once you select this it will load you into the PlayStation Store.

3.       In the Store Menu go to PlayStation Demos option to get a list of demos.

4.       Here you should see a list of demos that are currently available to download.

Note: This could be broken into sub sections like Action/Adventure, Sports, Racing, etc. You want to pick “Sports” or “New”.

5.       Here is where you can find the NCAA® Football 13 Demo and can select it.

6.       In this screen select the demo and choose to download the file which will be free and install it.

7.       Once the install is done to access it you need to go back to the XMB.

8.       On the XMB go to the Game column (fourth from the right) and you will an NCAA® Football 20th Anniversary logo that is the new demo.

The NCAA Football 13 demo will be available on PlayStation® Store June 6 at 7PM EDT/4PM PDT

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    Visit the official NCAA Football 13 website to learn more about the game.