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656x369_48hour_hh_blogheader.jpg POSTED BY mdjordjevic ON Jan 27, 2013

48 Hour Happy Hour

Want to earn twice as many EA Pucks when you play Hockey Ultimate Team mode in NHL®13? Play HUT during the ‘Hockey is Back’ Happy Hour weekend and you’ll be awarded double EA Pucks after each game.

What are Pucks?

EA Pucks are the currency of Hockey Ultimate Team. Pucks can be earned when you play a game in Hockey Ultimate team offline and online. As well, you can also use EA Pucks to purchase packs in the HUT Store or bid on items in the auction house. The best time to earn pucks is of course during Happy Hour! The more games you play, the more pucks you earn, and more player items you can collect! Put those Pucks to good use at the HUT store.

Get $10 off NHL®13 this weekend! Buy:

  • NHL 13 NHL 13

    Visit the official NHL 13 website to learn more about the game.