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fifa-header_n.jpg POSTED BY Gabe Leon ON Sep 28, 2012

FIFA 13 | Join the Club

They’re playing in the U.S. and Canada. They’re playing across Europe, Asia, and South America. Mexico, Australia, and all around this beautiful globe of ours, the fun and excitement that is FIFA 13 is officially underway. Yet there you are standing on the sidelines waiting for your name to be called. Well what are you waiting for? Rip off the warm-ups and Join the Club. FIFA 13 is here!


FIFA 13 delivers the deepest set of game-changing features ever developed for the No. 1 selling sports game on the planet. Today, we’re going to zero in on three major gameplay innovations that truly make this the beautiful game.

All-new Attacking Intelligence wires offensive players with the knowledge to analyze the action better than ever before and make themselves available for goal scoring opportunities. So what does that mean exactly? Simple: It means your attacks will be more fluid and less predictable for your opponentallowing you to score the game-winning goals that give you the ultimate bragging rights.

Now if you’re seeking the “how” of it all, then read on.

In short, players/teammates will now make more decisive runs while on the attack. They’ll also make curved runs to exploit space behind the defense. Finally, they can open up passing lanes for rewarding and varied attacking options. So catch your opponent napping on defense and punish him with a variety of new options in attack!

Next up, 1st Touch Control.

FIFA 13 has taken authenticity to another level with the addition of a completely revamped First Touch Control system where drama and unpredictability reign supreme across the entire pitch. With more separation between the ball and player you’ll have to think – and play – like a real-world football player. Your players will no longer have perfect control every time they receive the ball resulting in more variety in both defence and attack.

Moving, or dribbling on …

Okay, that was bad. But what’s not bad is FIFA 13’s new Complete Dribbling that features the following moves:

Dribbling while shielding, facing up players 1-on-1, and ‘knock-on’ touches.

These moves and others provide you with a little razzle, even more dazzle, and a whole lot of punishment for your opponent. So take on your rivals and make them wish they never picked up the controller as you school them with the flair and style that Complete Dribbling provides.


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