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POSTED BY Andrew Wilson ON Jul 14, 2014

Ken Moss Joins EA as Chief Technology Officer

Today we are welcoming a new leader to our EA team: Ken Moss as our Chief Technology Officer.

As CTO, Ken will lead the organization, strategy and vision for EA’s Digital Platform and Information Technology divisions.  

Ken joins us at an important time in EA’s journey, as technology continues to transform the experiences we deliver to our players.  We’re designing games as live services, with gamers playing more and for longer than ever before. Our digital platform provides the underlying infrastructure to deliver fun, seamless and curated journeys for our players.  And we’re moving faster as a company, with technology tools and solutions at the core.  I’m thrilled to have Ken’s technical leadership on board as we navigate such a dynamic period for EA and the interactive entertainment industry.

Ken brings a unique mix of experience that will be an asset to our teams at EA, having been involved in technology-driven transformations in various fields.  He comes to us most recently from eBay, where he led the Marketplace Technology, Science and Data global organization, and served as a strong advocate for improving the experience for buyers and sellers through programs like CommerceOS, their Global Shipping Program, and many others.  He is a 20-year veteran of Microsoft, where he founded and led the engineering and product teams on Search (which later became Bing), and played an important role in Microsoft’s transition to large-scale services.  Finally, Ken also co-founded CrowdEye, a start-up that built real-time search technology leveraging social media insights.

Throughout his previous roles, Ken has maintained an attention to the customer that is a perfect match for our focus on putting the player first in every EA experience.

Of course, it helps that Ken is a lifelong gamer with a true passion and excitement for the opportunity in front of us.   We couldn’t be more pleased to have him join us in building the future of gaming and entertainment.

Welcome, Ken!

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    Welcome. I'm sure I speak for many EA Scrabble customers who want to wish you the best of success in your new position. Scrabble Orgin has been down for the past week after years of unreliable service. I am looking forward to seeing the changes that you will deliver and have hopes of you resolving the basic function of logging into your game.
    Jul 20, 2014
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    Alas once again Scrabble Origin has been down for over a week. Do you not have basic rollback capabilities? Can you not redeploy a previous version that worked? How is it possible that this cannot be solved? Could you please post a status of what is happening with this game? Where have all our games gone?
    Oct 22, 2014
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    I'm not sure who I need to talk to about this but maybe you could put a bug in someone's ear for me. I would love to see a remake of road rash on Xbox one that was my all time favorite game growing up. Please help!!!!
    Nov 20, 2014
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