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100212-M13-Week5Preview-Blogheader.jpg POSTED BY Kev5890 ON Oct 2, 2012

Madden NFL 13 Preview of Week 5

Hey NFL Fans, Kev5890 here welcoming you to the Madden NFL 13 Preview of Week 5. I have highlighted some of next week’s match-ups with media and predictions. Last week I was 3-2 in my predictions. (11-4 overall). Make sure you comment and let me know who you think will win these games and what games I should preview for week 6 of the NFL season.





Week 5 Preview
Arizona Cardinals vs. St. Louis Rams
Both teams are coming off of big wins last week. The St.Louis Rams are going to have a hard time moving the ball against the Arizona Cardinals defense. I have the Cardinals taking this one on the road and becoming 5-0.

Week 5 Preview
Philadelphia Eagles vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
The Eagles narrowly beat the Giants last week while the Steelers were resting on a bye. I think Vick is going to be pressured a lot and the Steelers will end up with an impressive win in week 5.

Week 5 Preview
Atlanta Falcons vs. Washington Redskins
Matt Ryan and the Falcons offense heads to Washington to face the Redskins. I think RGIII will have a solid day, but Matty Ice will have an even better day. The Falcons offense is going to explode and the Falcons will continue their win streak.

Week 5 Preview
Denver Broncos vs. New England Patriots
Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady. Both teams are coming off great wins last week. I think Brady and company take this game and take advantage of the Denver Broncos secondary.

Week 5 Preview
San Diego Chargers vs. New Orleans Saints
The Saints will get there first win this season when the Chargers visit this weekend. Both quarterbacks will have good days, but I am picking Brees to come out on top.