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EAS-Madden13-GridironClub-Blogheader.jpg POSTED BY Ryan Ferwerda ON Jul 11, 2012

Madden NFL Gridiron Club

Hi everyone, this is Ryan Ferwerda, digital producer for the football group here at EA SPORTS. Today, I’m going to be introducing you to the all new Madden NFL Gridiron Club. The Madden NFL Gridiron Club is a collection of dynamic digital features which provide cool updates throughout the season as available, alongside a brand new loyalty program. Keep reading to find out what’s included.

 First off, we have an amazing content team here at EA SPORTS that provides dynamic game updates throughout the NFL season. In the past, all of this content has been spread around throughout the game without a central location to get the latest and greatest. Now, all you’ll need to do is head to the Madden NFL Gridiron Club and everything will be in one nice, central location. These features include:


Madden Moments Live


Madden Moments Live (or MML) gives you all the opportunity to play and recreate, or change, the most exciting moments from the upcoming 2012 NFL season.  This year, prior to Week 1 kickoff, you’ll also get a preloaded set of 2011’s best moments to play while you wait for the season to start!


Update NFL Rosters


We’re asked many times, “How do I update my rosters to the latest available?” Now, it’s as simple as heading to Madden NFL Gridiron Club and selecting this option. The latest roster will be pulled down and be available for both online and offline play.


Madden On-Demand


Madden On-Demand is a selection of channels providing videos and hints and tips from our Prima Pros, Developers, select Community videos and even news from NFL itself. If you want to know what’s going on in the Madden NFL Universe, this is your place.


Loyalty Awards


Now that we’ve got how to keep your game up to date and you’re plugged into what’s going on around you, let’s get back to the reward piece. A lot of you players out there have played our football games for a very long time, and for that, we feel, you should be rewarded. To do this, we’ve created an all-new Loyalty Award system. This dynamic awards system will monitor a variety of things that you’ve done in the past and give you exclusive Reward Packs and other items in our Madden Ultimate Team feature. What do you get rewarded for? For instance, if you’ve played Madden NFL 08, the second you log in to Madden NFL 13, your reward pack will be waiting for you. Or, how about NFL Blitz? NFL Tour? Madden NFL 10? If you’ve played them, you’ll get rewarded the second you go online in Madden NFL 13.


Well, that’s our new Madden NFL Gridiron Club. I hope you enjoy everything that you’ve read about and we cannot wait to get this into your hands. I’m looking forward to the upcoming NFL season and all of the exciting content we’ll be delivering to you all!

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