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10242012-MaddenSocial-BlogHeader.jpg POSTED BY Greg Rinaldi ON Oct 24, 2012

Madden NFL Social - Cross-Platform Play

One of the coolest aspects of Madden NFL Social is the ability to play cross-platform. When we first started development, this was one of our core design pillars. We wanted to ensure that you could take your game with you between iOS and Facebook, and also allow you to play with friends across the different platforms. This means that you can start a game with your 80-rated Giants on your iPhone while on the train to work, and then continue your drive through Facebook on your work PC (as long as the boss isn’t around). It also means that you can challenge a buddy from your iPad, even if he only ever plays on Facebook. A great illustration of this came when I was demoing the game at a recent press event in New York. I had two stations set up, one with the Facebook game running on a PC and a second with the iOS game running on an iPad (with an HDMI connection). I noticed that folks were generally stunned when they saw the game updating in real-time on Facebook as I was playing my opponent on iOS. This is the first time at EA SPORTS that we’ve connected a full game experience across mobile and Facebook, and it’s really exciting.

Madden Social

Each platform also has its own unique advantages, which is a great incentive to play on both iOS and Facebook. For example, I prefer the 3D gameplay on iOS, so I tend to play most of my games on my iPad. Since I’m more inclined to play twitch-based games, this is the preferred platform for me when it comes to the gameplay. For users with more of a laid-back, strategic approach, Facebook is definitely the way to go.

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However, I also like being able to use my mouse and keyboard to browse and post bids on the Auction, so I tend to do this mainly from Facebook. The iOS version allows for faster scrolling, while on Facebook you can see more cards at a glance.

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Team Management is also different on the different platforms. Because of the smaller screen on iOS, we streamlined the function of swapping out cards on your team; whereas on Facebook, we’re able to show your entire bench along with your active roster.

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No matter which platform you prefer, Madden NFL Social is going to be your newest gridiron addiction. The biggest benefit of cross-platform is that you are never more than a few steps away from your next touchdown. Stay tuned for some big announcements on our full release coming soon!

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