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How to make FIFA videos by IrishWelshCelt POSTED BY IrishWelshCelt ON Jan 17, 2012

How to make FIFA videos by IrishWelshCelt

YouTube FIFA video man IrishWelshCelt joins us to explain how to get started on your very own FIFA YouTuber journey...

Hello guys my name is Adam but some of you may know me by my YouTube name, IrishWelshCelt. I’ve been making FIFA videos on YouTube for the last year and I’ve been asked to write this article for you guys about what you need to start your own channel and record FIFA videos. Now although it’s a simple process when you know how, when you don’t it can seem very complicated. So in order for everyone to understand I’m going to break it down into individual paragraphs dealing with consoles, recording devices, TVs, computer/operating systems and recording software, headsets and editing software. Now you know what we’re going to cover, let’s get going.

Games Console

The first thing you need to think about may seem obvious, but do you have a games console? There are methods of recording from a PSP and other handheld systems but for YouTube I would recommend one of the mainstream consoles such as a Wii, PC, PS3 or an Xbox 360. All of these consoles can be used however with the Wii can only record in standard definition as opposed to the other three where you can record in high definition or 720p who you technical guys out there!

Recording Device

Okay now we’ve gotten our basics let’s get into the technical stuff! So when it comes recording devices there are three main devices to choose from; the EasyCap, Dazzle or the Hauppauge HD PVR.

These three devices vary greatly in price, from around £20 for the EasyCap, £50-60 for the Dazzle and up to £180 for the HD PVR. Now of course these prices vary depending on whether you’re getting it new or pre-owned but there are some bargains to be had if you look around auction sites such as Ebay.

The difference in price of these devices has to do with the video quality you can record in. Both the EasyCap and the Dazzle can only record in standard definition (Dazzle being the better of the two) and as the name implies the HD PVR records HD footage.

My general advice for those of you thinking to start would be to get an Easycap and make some videos, see do people like your content and then upgrade to a PVR later. It is how I started and how I’d recommend you guys do too as if it doesn’t work out you’re only down £20 as opposed to over £100. For those of you playing on PC, although you can use a recording device, it’s not necessary.


Now when it comes to your choice of TV it all depends on the recording device you choose (see above). For both the Dazzle and the EasyCap any TV with component connections will do (i.e. any TV made from 1950 onwards!). However the HD PVR requires the YPbPr component connections to use.

If you play in HD you don’t need to worry as your TV has the right ports. For those of you confused as to what they are, they are simply the blue, green and red ports found at the back of your TV beside the red, white and yellow ones. Any recent TV will have these ports so no matter whether your TV is “HD Ready” or “Full HD”; it can be used for the PVR.

If you’re confused just consult your TV’s manual or Google image search “YPbPr component” and you should see what they look like. For tutorials on how to set up your recording device YouTube is a good place to start!

Operating Systems and Recording Software

Your operating system on your laptop/pc is something you need to think about before you invest in your recording device. All of the devices I’ve dealt with work with any version of Windows XP and higher (Vista and Windows 7). As for those of you with Macs, the devices all work with the current operating system.

When it comes to the recording software that you need to record the footage being transferred from your TV to your Xbox, all of the devices come with software that will work on Windows computers. For those of you who are Mac users you need to download a programme called “EyeTV”.


If you want to make commentaries you’ll need a microphone to record your voice. Many of your computers have built-in microphones like mine so that’ll do fine. Generally any cheap £10 microphone is fine but if you have a gaming headset such as Turtles Beaches, they can be used to record your voice. If you are really into it and want the crème de la crème of microphones, I suggest trying the Blue Snowball, however it will set you back around £80.

Editing Programme

The final thing you need to think about before making videos is your editing programme. For those of who don’t know, an editing programme allows you to cut out the goals you need and edit your own montage. Unfortunately, unlike the recording software, only very basic editing programmes come with the capture devices.

If I were you I’d recommend going for an editing programme such as “Sony Vegas Pro” or “Adobe After Effect”. These programmes are used by all the main You Tubers from Woodysgamertag to Wepeeler. If it’s just commentaries you’ll be doing, Sony Vegas should do the trick but if you’re looking into becoming a serious editor After Effects is the one for you! Free trials of these programmes are available online and although they may be intimidating at first and complicated, if you just keep practicing and looking at tutorials online, you’ll soon have the hang of it!

Ok that’s it for the guide, I hope this helped further your understanding of how everything works and if you have problems with setting up anything or adjusting settings etc., remember YouTube has hundreds of guides so use them! One final piece of advice, don’t view YouTube as a place to become popular or make money but rather as somewhere to have fun and make new friends!

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