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01_EAS_Default_Media_Imagery_E3_GameChanger22s.jpg POSTED BY Mole ON Jun 12, 2012

Mole’s E3 Experience


Hello EA SPORTS fans! I am EA SPORTS Game Changer Devin Peden, better known around the community as "Mole". I also own my new blog site Each year the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) showcases the future of gaming and this year I got a chance to attend. As an EA SPORTS Game Changer I spent E3 getting hands on time with NHL 13, NCAA Football 13, and Madden NFL 13. This coming year EA SPORTS is striving for better community interaction and gameplay innovations that will change the way you look at sports video games. This experience was worth every minute and I am here to share it with you.

Each morning I would take a shuttle to the Los Angeles Convention Center, where E3 was held, and wait in line for the doors to open. I was surprised to see all the different gaming studios that were ready to show off their games, consoles, and additions and how many people were so anxious to run through the doors. We normally got there about 2 hours early so I'd spend the morning chatting with other Game Changers on what we planned on doing for the day. When the doors opened, people were running to get ahead in line for some of the major games like Halo 4, Crysis 3, and Dead Space 3. 

The best part of E3 was getting a chance to speak with all the developers on the upcoming season for the EA SPORTS Franchises. What impressed me the most was the determination and drive they had to create the most realistic sports games we have ever seen. While attending the NHL 13 booth I saw developers show each player how to use the All-New True Performance Skating by going through a quick video on the feature, as well as going into practice mode and playing a demo game. Now I was a casual NHL 12 player due to the fact I am more involved with Madden NFL and NCAA Football, but having been taught the new True Performance Skating I was very much addicted to NHL 13. Add the All-New Connected GM Mode and I feel this is the best overall NHL game I have ever played and I'll be getting it as soon as it comes out.

NHL 13 wasn't the only EA SPORTS booth to showcase new features. Throughout E3 I witnessed the Madden NFL 13 team teach numerous groups how to use the new Kinect Integration and Josh Looman, Madden NFL 13 Senior Designer, went over the entire All-New Connected Careers Mode with anyone who had questions. I'm always interested in what other Madden NFL gamers have to say so I was always discussing the game with others and I can honestly say that between the new Infinity Engine Physics System and Connected Careers Mode the overall view was very positive. Now I previously attended a Madden NFL Community event back in May so I already had a great understanding on the features and how to play the game so I spent a massive amount of time checking out NCAA Football 13.

NCAA Football 13 continues to push the realism of a college football Saturday, adding a new Passing System, Read and React System, and adding Online Dynasty features that make you feel like other games are actually going on around you. I also spent a lot of time playing developers, such as Producers Ben Haumiller and Jason French, and discussed the game and where I felt it was heading going into this season. I was amazed at how well they took my feedback and the passion they have for college football. My E3 highlight was when I joined a game late against another NCAA Football gamer and came back from being down 7-35 in the 3rd quarter and ended up winning 43-42. The best part was I used Vanderbilt and my opponent was USC.

The overall atmosphere of attending E3 in Los Angeles was awesome. I had attended E3 with a few other EA SPORTS Game Changers and met new Game Changers along the way. When the daily exhibits were closed we would go out to dinner and discuss our own experiences and share some of our thoughts on the upcoming games . I also got to spend time walking down the streets of LA, witnessed the fan craze of the LA Kings winning game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals at the Staples Center, and also got to see rap artist Snoop Dogg and USC Quarterback Matt Barkley up close. This whole experience was one I will never forget and I hope to return to E3 in the future.


Devin Peden, better known as "Mole", is a 20 year old from Wisconsin and has been a member of the EA SPORTS Game Changers program since May 2010. He runs a new blog site called and provides the community with leagues for Madden NFL and NCAA Football, but also plays NHL, FIFA, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, and SSX. He moderates the EA Madden NFL Forums and has attended EA Community Day Events.  You can follow him on Twitter @Official_Mole.