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MonsterSaleWk1_Billboard.jpg POSTED BY jtoledo ON Oct 7, 2010

MONSTER SALE! Treat yourself to EA Games as Low as 99 Cents!

Check out our MONSTER SALE on the App Store. Titles for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad will be available for as low as 99¢. Yes, we've created a MONSTER...sales event.

This weekend, check out Rock Band at 29% off... Need for Speed Undercover and Yahtzee HD for iPad at 60% off... plus Yahtzee Adventures for iPhone & iPod touch at less than a buck!

NOTE: We'd also like to address rumors that this "Monster Sale" has something to do with a creature escaping from a secret game laboratory and slashing prices on EA games on the App Store. HA! That's simply ridiculous. We promise that everything is completely under control. Seriously. We got this. It's all good.


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  • Rock Band Rock Band

    Visit the official Rock Band website to learn more about the game.

  • Need for Speed Undercover Need for Speed Undercover

    Visit the official Need for Speed Undercover website to learn more about the game.