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Burnout CRASH! POSTED BY EA Staff ON Jul 7, 2011

New Burnout Game Announced For Xbox LIVE and PSN

Have you been missing your daily dose of burning wreckage? Have no fear, because EA and Criterion Games announced Burnout CRASH! today, coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade and the PlayStation Network this Fall!

Criterion Games has gone back to its roots with Burnout CRASH! by bringing the series’ fan-favorite Crash mode to the forefront so players can slake their thirst for destruction on the road.

In the game, players are rewarded for causing traffic chaos by crashing into cars, triggering explosions and destroying everything in sight. Powered by the acclaimed Autolog technology, you’ll be able to connect, compete and compare high scores to earn the master of disaster crown, as well as use the all new Autolog Challenges feature to go head to head with friends.

Burnout CRASH! is also EA’s first Xbox LIVE Arcade title to feature a game mode designed exclusively for Kinect. More information on that will come soon!

There are three explosive game modes available across 18 crash junctions in six unique locations, each requiring different skills and strategies to maximize damage and destroy everything in sight. Get ready for this one to crash into your living room this Fall!

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    Visit the official Burnout Crash website to learn more about the game.


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    I've got a feeling this Burnout is going to be awesome .
    Jul 9, 2011
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    cnt wait......
    Jul 15, 2011
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    i have this game on dice since it came out and i think its one of best games out there. its fun, fast, easy, and dam right crazy. there is a big but it now dosant work since you e,a have put it on psn in july. it loads up and it plays but it resets its self every time and i spent alot of time into playing it. yes i im angry and i what it sorted. help.
    Jul 18, 2011
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    Gotta Love Crashing Cars into Other Cars... Must try it out
    Jul 24, 2011
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