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bush-ea-new.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Jul 22, 2011

New BUSH Single Free Exclusively On

For all the BUSH fans of the world, we’re releasing another exclusive song for download, absolutely free! This one is their new single “The Sound of Winter,” from their upcoming album The Sea of Memories.

We’re releasing this song on to celebrate the inclusion of BUSH on the NHL 12 soundtrack, where it will live with a number of other great bands and songs accompanying them. You’ll be able to hear the full soundtrack on September 13th, but for now, enjoy a taste and listen to “The Sound of Winter.”

Click on the play button to listen to the song.

You can also download a free MP3 of the song by entering your email address in the BUSH banner ad, below. In case you missed out, we released BUSH’s “All My Life” last month from the same album exclusively on

This isn’t the first time BUSH has been featured in an EA game and they're ready for another round.

"We are very excited about the release of our new single 'The Sound of Winter' and that it's featured in NHL 2011," said Gavin Rossdale of BUSH. "Please enjoy the music."

The British alternative rock band BUSH has their roots in the 1990s with hits such as “Glycerine” and “Swallowed,” and have recently gotten back together to create The Sea of Memories after a nine year hiatus. With over ten million albums sold and numerous top ten singles, BUSH’s music has been heard all over the world.

Watch out for NHL 12, coming out September 13th. Pre-order your copy on Origin today and receive the Origin exclusive Player Boost Pack!

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    Спасибо вам)
    Jul 24, 2011
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    great news....i wait for this!!!!
    Jul 24, 2011
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    The music become better and better : Great Mates !!!!
    Jul 25, 2011
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    Perfect Song ! Thank you EA , you are the Best :)
    Jul 26, 2011
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    BF3 - give me the alpha code
    Jul 30, 2011
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    does someone knows when there will be a playable demo of nhl 12 ?
    Aug 9, 2011
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