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bfh-keyart-723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Dec 2, 2011

Play Capture The Flag In Battlefield Heroes

The more than seven million people who have signed up to play Battlefield Heroes now have a new way to enjoy the cartoony arcade mayhem. The hit Play4Free game has just launched its Capture the Flag game mode, giving the Nationals and the Royals a whole new way to stick it to each other on the battlefield.

Battlefield Heroes' Capture the Flag mode is as simple as it is fun: infiltrate enemy territory, grab the enemy’s flag, then run like hell to get the flag back to your own base. If you make it without getting stabbed, shot, bazookaed, or otherwise blown up, you earn a point for your team!

This new game mode is playable now, so get in there and get capturing. For more information about Battlefield Heroes, its three classes, and its 11 exciting maps, visit

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