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GDC_Banner_Women.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Mar 29, 2013

#PlayAs1: EA Unites Women at GDC

As you heard from our previous posts from Sarah Dahl, Yara Khoury, Ann Lemay and Paula Wong, this year at GDC our Diversity & Inclusion team brought together women from across our organization and the industry. We wanted to capture the energy right now around women in gaming to understand how we can create an environment where everyone works together, plays together and celebrate our accomplishments together as one inclusive team. We rallied around the #PlayAs1 campaign to hear your stories and share our ideas.

This past week, we passed out buttons to our employees and GDC attendees featuring characters from our blog stories to encourage the industry to share their stories. EA’s Talent Acquisition team were on the ground passing out our #PlayAs1 buttons, sharing what we were doing with our campaign and spreading the excitement of our efforts across the gaming industry. Employees from our various EA locations worldwide also wore the buttons to show their support including studios in North Carolina, Seattle, India, Switzerland and Brazil.

Thanks to everyone for your support, check out some photos of the buttons being worn around the globe!







Photos courtesy of Instagram via anup_007_2001, hilshire and sweetest_dreamer