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Season Ticket and FIFA 12 POSTED BY EA SPORTS Football World ON Aug 5, 2011

EA SPORTS Season Ticket and FIFA 12

EA SPORTS has announced EA SPORTS™ Season Ticket*, a brand-new program that provides premium benefits for a better gaming experience on five participating EA SPORTS titles – beginning with Madden NFL 12 on 30 August and then with NHL hockey, EA SPORTS FIFA and Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® golf and next year’s NCAA Football.

Those benefits currently include the ability to download and play the full game three days in advance of its release, a 20% discount on all downloadable content, and access to new, exclusive online features that enhance your game on your console.

EA SPORTS Season Ticket is available for Xbox 360® gamers in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. And it’s available for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation® 3 gamers in North America. To find out more about it, check out its website here.

What Exactly Does It Mean For FIFA 12?

20% Off FUT Packs: As a Season Ticket holder you’ll get 20% off all downloadable content for FIFA 12. That includes Live Season of course, but it’s of most value to big FIFA Ultimate Team gamers. Are you the sort of guy who buys three or more standard Gold Packs a week? If so, Season Ticket could save you a bunch of money over the lifetime of the game.

Get Creative in Creation Centre: You can already use Creation Centre on the web to create players and teams for use in the game on your console. That won’t change of course – that stuff remains free for all to use. However, with Season Ticket you’ll get free access to brand new tools, including the ability to upload your own images to use on kits. That’s something non-Season Ticket holders will need to purchase, but Season Ticket members get it all included.
Hit The Pitch Early: You’ll be able to download the game three days before its release date. While you’ll still need to buy the game on a disc at retail once it comes out, that does mean you’ll begin racking up EA SPORTS Football Club XP and honing your skills before anyone else. You’ll be able to play other Season Ticket holders online, too, and get a head start on your leaderboard campaign. Of course, all of your achievements and progress can be transferred when you buy the game.
It’s An Add, Not a Takeaway
This is the very first step for EA SPORTS Season Ticket, a program that over time will work to provide ever great benefits for the most passionate FIFA fans. Everything on offer with EA SPORTS Season Ticket is entirely additional to all the great FIFA content you can already expect – we certainly won’t be taking anything away and trying to charge people to get at it. But there are those people right at the core of our FIFA universe for whom EA SPORTS Season Ticket should make a great deal of sense – and we hope they get a kick out of it.
See you on the pitch!
*Conditions and restrictions apply.  See for details.
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