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Shift 2 Unleashed Screen 17 POSTED BY ltucker ON Mar 29, 2011

SHIFT 2 Unleashed Hits Stores Today

EA is pleased to announce that the latest entry in the critically acclaimed Need for Speed series, Shift 2 Unleashed, is now available in North America.

Shift 2 Unleashed takes the driver’s experience to the next level with an all-new rendering engine and graphics overhaul, innovative helmet camera, night racing, and perhaps most exciting, authentic degradation of both tracks and cars. This game-changing new sequel is already being heralded by critics worldwide receiving nine out of ten from both PlayStation: The Official Magazine and Official Xbox Magazine. Official Xbox Magazine even said that Shift 2 Unleashed is, “the real deal” while Game Informer says, “Shift 2 defines the franchise.”

“Our goal with Shift 2 Unleashed is to put the series at the head of the racing simulation genre by injecting some much needed energy into it,” said Marcus Nilsson, Executive Producer on SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED. “Working with the aid of Team Need for Speed drivers, we incorporated real-world race driving insights to make key improvements and enhancements to the game, while also innovating at the very core of the racing experience. Our introduction of game changing features like helmet cam further blurs the lines between real racing and the in-game experience.”

And fear not, the Autolog technology pioneered by Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is standard in Shift 2 so you can connect with your friends and vanquish your foes in exhilarating head-to-head races.

Get ready to experience all the violence, energy and excitement of race day in this groundbreaking authentic racing experience.

Shift 2: Unleashed retails for $59.95 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and $49.95 on the Wii. You can buy Shift 2 Unleashed now at the EA Store..

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    Visit the official SHIFT 2 Unleashed website to learn more about the game.