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POSTED BY EA Staff ON Dec 22, 2011

Spy Mouse Scampers Onto Android

Can the world's smallest hero prevail in one of mobile’s biggest games? Agent Squeak (aka SPY mouse) is on a new mission: to get away with the cheese – on Android.

SPY mouse has already scurried to the top of the charts on iTunes. The game’s developer Firemint characterizes the good-guy spy as a “super-secret operative serving the needs of mice everywhere.” Now, Android fans finally get a piece of the cheese, as Agent Squeak hits the Android Market, bringing all of the danger, intrigue and stealth of SPY mouse with him.

Agent Squeak’s fate is in the hands of Android players, as they help the mischievous mouse navigate through 70+ challenging levels, solve puzzles and sneak past feline foes. With 6 unique worlds, hazardous mouse traps and diabolical hench-cats to outwit, this bite-sized adventure is no piece of cheese… cake.

So, climb down that mouse hole and check out SPY mouse on the Android Market now.

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    Visit the official SPY Mouse Android website to learn more about the game.