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ssx-create-a-board.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Sep 6, 2011

SSX Wants Your Personalized Board In-game

Do you have a creative flair, an eye for design, and a love of custom snowboards? If so, SSX has an awesome contest for you! They are looking for passionate fans to create their own original board designs with the possibility of them being included in the final game. All you need are some Photoshop skills and a brilliant idea.

To enter the contest, head to the SSX Facebook page, download the instructions and PSD file, create your board, and then upload the completed design after agreeing to the Terms of Service. Pay close attention to the instructional PDF that comes with the PSD file; it has all the info you need to work on your design.

SSX marks the long-awaited return of the pre-eminent snowboarding franchise to consoles. In addition to the over-the-top, exhilarating action the series is known for, players can conquer real-world mountains — courtesy NASA geotagging data — to create an amazing open world experience. The title has also added sweeping social additions like ghosts, Ridernet, and global events supporting up to 100,000 simultaneous players live. And who knows, maybe your custom board will be what everyone is riding. Pre-order your copy on Origin, today!

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    cant wait for this **** to pop.
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      I believe that your comment is quite inappropriate. I highly disagree, sir.
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