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crysis_3_news_header_723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Feb 19, 2013

Suit Up: Crysis 3 Is Here

Crysis 3 - the only game that arms you with the superpowers of the Nanosuit - is now available in stores and on today. From EA and Crytek GmbH, Crysis 3 features unparalleled visuals, dynamic tactical gameplay and a deep multiplayer suite. Critics are already loving it, with the New York Daily News saying it is "the most beautiful and technically marvelous video game to date."

Set in New York, you get to play as Prophet on his quest to save mankind in a Nanodome that has turned the city into a vertible urban rainforest teeming with overgrown trees, dense swamplands and raging rivers. In addition to the Nanosuit, you'll have the devastating Predator bow and cutting-edge weaponry to be the deadliest hunter on the plant. Check out our trailer with a ZZ Top classic, pick up a copy and let us know what you think!

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    Thanks to all you guys and Girls that worked so hard on every one of the Crysis series, You have done an awesome job. Game play is awesome storyline is great. Keep it up
    Feb 23, 2013
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    Pleeeeeeese give me the option to play Crysis 3 and SimCity and other games in English. I hate localizations. I won't be buying EA games if I can't play them in English. All retail copies are fully localized. I refuse to buy them.
    Feb 26, 2013
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    You cant play in English? Confusing.
    Feb 27, 2013
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    hey guys plz help me game loads error generates saying CGameContext::Player Profiles:user not available
    Mar 5, 2013
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    Pre order crysis 3 so you can waiy 5 months for the servers to come up at Origin
    Mar 5, 2013
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