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burnout-crash-723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Sep 23, 2011

Trump This Burnout Crash! High Score And Win

$26,226,500. That's the price tag for all the damage wrought by hotshot driver NFSCoulter in Burnout Crash! If you think you can top that, then both glory and a reward can be yours in this week's high score challenge.

To give it your best shot, load up the intersection of Windrush and 1st in Road Trip mode in either the full game or the demo. From there, simply beat the record and snap a picture of the final score for posterity. Then tweet the pic to @NeedForSpeed with the hashtag #BurnoutCrash! Next Friday, a random person will be chosen from those who have topped the high score and awarded a prize.

This is only the beginning and you can look forward to more challenges in the weeks to come. Although this week's challenge is open to those who have the demo, future challenges will require the full game.

In Burnout Crash!, the goal is wreak as much havoc as possible by causing massive multi-car pile ups for mega-points. Utilize Crashbreaker explosions and in-air aftertouch controls to steer your wreck deeper into oncoming traffic, earning combo multipliers and special abilities in a snowball of destruction. Keep constant tabs on your friends and rivals using AutoLog to stay up to date on the leaderboards. Kinect owners can literally jump into the action, using their bodies to steer, explode, and smash their way to high scores. You can purchase Burnout Crash! on Xbox Live or PSN today!

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    Visit the official Burnout Crash website to learn more about the game.


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