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MUT_Playoffs_BlogHeader_SoloChallenges.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON Nov 5, 2013

MUT Road to the Playoffs: New Solo Challenges

Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) is gearing up for the playoffs with its biggest content update of the season. As players in the real world build chemistry and perform better individually, so will players in MUT. Our three-part series will share the X’s and O’s of what we’re adding to the game on Thursday, November 7. Check out what's new in packs, as well as new collections.

It’s time to play out the rest of your favorite team’s regular season schedule. Each of the 32 NFL teams will receive a new solo challenge sequence of eight games representing the rest of the 2013 schedule. These challenge sequences provide a collectible reward featuring a Defensive Play of the Year collectible from each respective team. Use these collectibles with an Offensive Play of the Year collectible from packs to complete one of 32 different Captain Collections, which provide an exclusive, two-chemistry overall 90+ elite player that can be auctioned or traded.

In addition, eight new elite challenges representing some of this season’s most exciting games will be added. Each of these first half highlights requires a combination of two team chemistries with a rating of 95 or more. Rewards for these All-Madden games include coaches featuring two chemistries and an attribute boost, as well as jumbo coin packs with quick sell coin cards.

The playing field has changed from what we thought it would be during the draft and in preseason. Play with the teams, coaches, and players that have made their marks in the first half, and build momentum on the Road to the Playoffs.


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