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NCAA_BlogPhoto.jpg POSTED BY cdj ON Aug 20, 2012

Using Package Substitutions in NCAA Football 13

In college football, getting your playmakers on the field is vital for a team's success. Having your best players on the sideline - or out of position - may keep you from achieving victory. Package subs allow you to change the personnel for a specific formation in a quick and easy manner.

When on the play call screen and viewing plays by formation, use the right stick to scroll through the available packages for that particular formation.

There are numerous reasons to use Package Subs. One such reason is to help avoid fatigue or to get playing time for your reserves. For example, if your quarterback is fatigued or if you have a talented back-up, use 'Backup QB' to bring in the second string. OR perhaps you need to bring in the back-up running back that you promised playing time to, so use 'HB Sub.'

Package subs can also help you move the location of players on the field. For example, you can put your top receiver in the slot position. Conversely, you can move your top defensive back into covering the slot receiver. You can even put your running back out wide and in a position to run a sweep.

Once you have picked your favorite team playbook of choice or have perfected your Custom Playbook, go into Practice Mode and scroll through all of the available package substitutions for each formation. Some formations offer different package subs than others and they may be a great fit to maximize the talent on your roster.

Here are two of my most-commonly used Package Substitutions:

Pistol - 3 HBs: If you have a roster with a strong stable on running backs, this is a great formation and package to use as you can now legitimately run left, middle, or right with any of the talented backs on your roster. While you may lose some blocking ability with your fullback on the sidelines, the ability to go any direction should keep your opponent unable to guess where you will go with the ball.

Shotgun - 3 WR: This is a great package to use if you have a deep receiving corps, or perhaps a speedy third-string wide out you want to keep on the field. While you lose some blocking ability by substituting out a tight end, hopefully the switch increases the chances of a big play.

Keep in mind that your foe will be able to see your personnel on the field, so they will be able to match up. However, leaving your best playmakers on the sideline during critical moments can be the difference between victory and defeat.

After you look through the available Package Substitutions in your playbook of choice, share your favorites with the community in the comments below.