Rock Band Reloaded for iPhone


Rock more than 20 free songs by legendary artists and let it all out on vocals with vocal recognition.

Rock the biggest playlist of songs by legendary artists. Plus — for the first time ever — let it all out on vocals with vocal recognition. You've never rocked it like this on iPhone & iPod touch.

Get the ultimate band experience on the App Store with over 20 free songs from real rock stars. Immediately launch into every track available in Quick Play and World Tour modes. Also check out more free downloads in the Music Store spanning 6 rock music genres.

Go beyond guitar, bass, drums, and tap vocals with Vocal Recognition — the all-new "5th way to play." Enjoy more crowd pleasing features than ever before. You asked. So we've delivered. Now go wide in landscape mode ...Push it to the limit in the new expert mode ...Rock 6 cities and 36 events in the revamped World Tour mode. Made to maximize the retina display, we didn't overlook the eye candy, either!

Pause to put your finger on the pulse in news center. Just use your Facebook login and find out when new songs launch and follow your friends' exploits. Then, get the band together via local WiFi or Bluetooth and don't let the music stop. Rock the house on guitar, bass, drums, or vocals with up to 3 other bandmates!

To rock on vocals, make sure you've got what it takes! You need an iPhone, iPad, or 2nd generation or later iPod touch (Vocals/Voice won't work on 1st generation iPod touches because of hardware limitations). For a 2nd or 3rd generation iPod touch, you need to plug in an external mic to activate the Vocals/Voice option. For a 1st generation iPhone, you need a headset for sound and voice input. In fact, we recommend using a headset for all compatible devices. Wear headphones and sing into the mic like a real rock star!

EA Mobile
Rock Band
  • Overview
    • Rock the biggest core playlist from legendary artists on the App Store for no additional cost
    • Sing along with Vocal Recognition for the first time ever (original tap vocal option also available)
    • Play along with up to 3 other bandmates via local WiFi or Bluetooth.
    • Made to maximize the Retina Display, enjoy stunning visual clarity
    • Your FREE PLAYLIST includes:

    "Kryptonite" / 3 Doors Down

    "Your Decision" / Alice in Chains

    "So What'Cha Want" / Beastie Boys

    "White Wedding" / Billy Idol

    "Bodies" / Drowning Pool

    "Hungry Like the Wolf" / Duran Duran

    "Call Me When You're Sober" / Evanescence

    "Peace Sells" / Megadeth

    "The Perfect Drug" / Nine Inch Nails

    "In Bloom" / Nirvana

    "Hella Good" / No Doubt

    "Heartbreaker" / Pat Benatar

    "Remedy" / Seether

    "Rockn' Me" / Steve Miller Band

    "A-Punk" / Vampire Weekend