When random chance meets crippling consequences, someone’s bound to be… well, you know. The classic game of measured, card-based movement and pawn-bumping strategy has finally come to Xbox LIVE Arcade. Draw your movement cards (or mix things up with new Bonus Cards), guide your pawns around the board to safety, but don’t let the other players’ pawns land on the same space as you or it’s back to the start. A board game staple for decades, Sorry! is now available without any of the hassle of set up or clean up, all hosted by the inimitable Mr. Potato Head.

  • Overview
    • Classic Sorry and More– The time-tested original, plus the added mayhem of Bonus Cards, or customize a mode to suit your personal tastes.
    • Xbox LIVE Extras – Leaderboards and Achievements let you challenge friends or yourself.
    • Beyond Board Games – Unlockable items and party games offer a new take on the familiar.
    • Share the Fun – Grab up to three of your friends to play in the same room, or challenge them on Xbox LIVE.  
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