SPORE Creatures for iPhone



The SPORE Creatures are out of the ooze and onto solid ground in the sequel to the award-winning SPORE Origins.

Customize your creature with body parts nested inside the Spore Creature Creator. There are over a billion possible combinations! Traverse 20 levels across 4 sprawling zones. Socialize or attack creature herds. Collect DNA to evolve, and max out 5 Abilities to build a survival skill-set.

SPORE Creatures from EA Mobile. It's an all-new adventure!

  • Overview
    • Explore 20 levels across 4 unique zones populated with species, environmental obstacles and creatures
    • Customize your Spore Creature with parts inside the Spore Creature Creator
    • Interact with creatures by socializing or attacking
    • Discover and collect parts in the game world to build your offense, defense, movement and social abilities
    • Evolve your Spore Creature in earning DNA by eating, socializing, and fighting epic creatures